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WoodFalls Development Group LLC has partnered with Epcon Communities Franchising to deliver unparalleled design and quality. A trusted home developer and proven leader of maintenance free communities, Epcon has been building exceptional homes for over 36 years. Our mission is to build homes, neighborhoods, and lifestyles that are the pinnacle of living. To achieve this we are harnessing the power of an outstanding award winning development system offered by Epcon Communities.


Today, more than 28,000 families and individuals call an Epcon community home, which gives us a distinct advantage in a niche market by applying tried and tested development systems.


To ensure that we continue to meet the traditions of high standards offered by Epcon Communities, every one of our homes is subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process. This process is governed independently ourselves and the construction professionals that build the homes, thus allowing objective reviews that ensure the pristine quality of our homes. 


Our commitments to excellent design and quality work underscore our fundamental belief: that the individuals and families we serve have worked hard to earn the best hassle-free, comfort-rich living experience possible. We have the unequalled privilege of helping them build a more enriched and fulfilling life. We are grateful for that opportunity each and every day.

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